Documents you will need

Regardless where you get your mortgage, if you work with a bank loan officer or a mortgage broker, you will be required to provide important documentation. This will be used to determine if you prequalify and to process your loan application.  A credit report will be run, an appraisal will be completed, and all the information you provide will be verified. It's a lengthy,  involved process which takes time.  Once you find a home and  have an accepted offer, if you are like most people, you will want the closing to occur as soon as possible.  You can help expedite the process and move toward smoothly by providing the information needed in a timely fashion.  


Be prepared to provide your lender with the following paperwork:

  • SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS for all borrowers

  • 2 FORMS of ID for each borrower

  • Copies of CHECKING and SAVINGS accounts statements for the past 2 MONTHS (Make sure the statements have your name, account number and bank name - often times on-line printouts do not contain this information. Include all, even blank pages.)

  • Evidence of other ASSETS such as STOCKS, BONDS, or 401K

  • Recent PAYCHECK STUBS covering 30 days

  • W-2 FORMS or 1099 INCOME TAX RETURNS for the past 2 YEARS



  • RESIDENCE HISTORY for the past 2 YEARS

  • MORTGAGE STATEMENT, TAX BILL, INSURANCE AND DUES (if applicable) on other properties which you may own that will not be sold before your purchase

  • SALES CONTRACT for the purchase of a new home (can be provided by your real estate agent)

  • HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATION information (if applicable)