Looking for a Home to Rent?

Unlike purchasing, where the seller's main concern is that the buyer has enough money to buy the home, landlords require a lot more information.  They want to make sure you can pay the rent AND that you will be a good tenant.  Upon review of your application, the  landlord may call you or want to meet with you to further discuss the rental and your tenancy. Although you may love the place and be ready to move in, it is ultimately the landlord’s decision as to whom he/she will rent.  Sometimes it is a good idea for the potential renters to include a letter with the application telling a bit about themselves. This can be particularly helpful to explain a poor credit score that may have resulted from unexpected job loss, illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

Typically, the ‘move in’ amount in is one month’s rent and one or two month’s security.  If there are pets, an additional security deposit may be charged.  It is important to discuss the move in costs with your realtor to ensure you have the cash needed. Remember there are often other costs you will incur to have the utilities, TV, etc. put in your name once you move.

Click this PDF for a printable application, which includes your permission for us to run your credit report if required. In addition to the completed application and credit  report (if you are unable to provide one we will need $10 (nonrefundable) per person applying, to to run a report for you), you will also need to provide two recent payroll check stubs as proof of income. Once we have that back from you we will be able to submit your application and credit report to the landlord who will then consider you as a renter.