Complete the Title Process

While an attorney can be used, the State of Pennsylvania does not require such. Typically, title searches and closings are handled by a Title Company which provides the professional service needed to efficiently and accurately handle the complexities involved with securing a clean title and preparing the closing documents.

 Title Search

The title company will do an “abstract of title” which means searching the real estate records in the county where that particular piece of property is located.  An abstract will:

  • Determine the legal owner of the property

  • Reveal any mortgages, liens, judgments, or unpaid taxes that will have to be satisfied before the property is conveyed

  • Detail any existing easements, restrictions, or leases that affect the property

After the abstract is completed, the abstract company will work to resolve any problems which may have been discovered.  Once the buyer receives a “good title”  and a "clear to close" from their lender, the parties are ready to exchange paperwork and “close” the deal. 

 Title Insurance

Title Insurance is a PA state regulated fee based on the selling price of the house.  The amount of the insurance is not contingent upon who you use for your title company or if you use an attorney.